amazing_logoThe Amazing Mechanical Task è un gioco gestionale incentrato sulla disperazione insita nel sistema del lavoro inteso così come lo è all’interno di un’ottica capitalista. E’ ispirato da varie cose tra cui: il servizio “Amazon Mechanical Turk”, il gioco “It is as if you were doing work” di Pippin Barr ed il libro “Bullshit Jobs” di David Graeber.

hardtimes_logoHard Times is an extreme urban survival game where you have to put yourself into the shoes of a homeless man, taking on all the challenges that daily survival places in the great metropolis of indifference.
You will have to look into junk, beg for money, escape corrupt policemen and citizens maniac about decorum. You will feel hunger and cold. You will suffer in the long rainy nights and be glad when you can get a decent meal.