What is Svilupparty

Svilupparty is an event promoted by Associazione IPID and Archivio Videoludico della Cineteca di Bologna (Videogame Archive of Cineteca di Bologna) born to celebrate Italian video game development. Held annually in Bologna, the three days of Svilupparty offer an occasion for video game companies, business partners, media, indipendent and amateur developers to meet each other, exhibit their work, engage in new partnerships and discuss new projects.Brain-crop

By the end of 2014, the growing popularity of the event brought to the creation of Associazione Svilupparty (Svilupparty Association). The purpose of this non-profit organization is to increase the Italian video games industry relevance across the world.

GamePad-cropTo reach this goal, Associazione Svilupparty promotes activies such as:

  • the establishment of a network of contacts for sharing projects, knowledge and experience;
  • training and mentorship programs;
  • bring its members to the most relevant industry-related fairs;
  • guarantee and expand the annual Svilupparty event.

By joining Associazione Svilupparty, members do not only sustain its activities, but also take an active part in sharing its vision and objectives and in shaping its future. There are two kinds of membership:

  • Sustainer:
    • access to every Svilupparty event;
    • access to the members-only communication channels.
  • Developer:
    • priority access to every Svilupparty event;
    • access to the member-only communication channels;
    • priority queue for presenting and exposing projects during Svilupparty events;
    • right to partecipate in the organization of the association itself.

Associazione Svilupparty is based in Bologna by IV Productions and was founded by:

Assocazione Svilupparty is a legal entity, it openly cooperates with AESVI (Associazione Editori Sviluppatori Videogiochi Italiani) and expecially with the AESVI4DEV program, which is the association reference for companies.

The association’s statute can be downloaded at the following link.