Logo-1-gralGRAL is a futuristic racing game with elements of Combat, a tribute to the games of the years ‘ 90 as the Megara, POD, DethKarz. GRAL Is the acronym for Galaxies Racing Automobile League. By the age of 20, intergalactic journeys have begun to discover new systems and new planets and over the course of a few decades the technology for interplanetary journeys has made great strides forward by bringing the human race to the discovery of tens of dozens of new galaxies Planets and with their new peoples and new alien races.

All these new civilizations distant light years from each other needed something that shared them and that made the peculiarities and qualities of one’s planet visible on all others.

This is how the automotive championship is born between the largest and most spectacular galaxies ever made, GRAL is born!

A championship in which riders from all galaxies are challenged by circuits from the spectacular tracks that, in addition to having great driving skills, require audacity, screeching, cold blood and even a pinch of madness!

In fact, the pilots will have a large arsenal of attack and defense weapons with which to eliminate their opponents or help their teammates.

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